Considering Selling Your Property?

Our team has the experience and necessary tools  to provide you with an adequate and personalized service. 
Always working with the highest standards, integrity and professionalism. 
Below we explain the steps to have a successful sale.

Select Your Agent

Choose an agent with whom you want to work, you must take into account their preparation, and also the treatment they offer you.

Pick someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Set a Price

In terms of price, you will work with your agent.

A market analysis should clearly show the seller what the markets are saying about their home’s recommended price.

Setting a very high price can be counterproductive, as it will have more time in the market, and the price will go down.

Preparate The Property

The better condition your property is, the greater the possibility of a sale in less time and at a higher price.
In this step, the necessary repairs are made to make the property more attractive to potential buyers.

Promote Your Property

We will begin to promote your property in the different portals and technological media such as social networks, real estate platforms, print advertising, and promotion with other agents and real estate agencies.

Property Showings

Your property will be shown to different interested clients, as well as other agents so that they become familiar with the property.

Your property in this step will be in attractive condition thanks to the property preparation step.

Purchase And Sell Agreement

When a buyer has made an offer on a property and the seller has approved it, they enter into a legal offer.

A arrangement known as a Selling and Purchase Agreement.

The contract, contingencies and significance of adhering to the timeframes will be clarified by your agent.


Now, you will be in close touch with all those participating in the closing process. Your agent, lawyer and Notary.

You will be requested for signatures and information from you. 

During this process, timely response is essential to ensure a successfully close.

Seller pays

  • Real Estate Commission.
  • Capital Gains Tax.
  • Selller Trust Cancellation or Assignment Fees and Taxes.
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